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Oncotype DX Resources

Below is a List of Resources That Provide Additional Information About the Oncotype DX® Breast Cancer Test.

If you have questions and would like to speak about the Oncotype DX test with a knowledgeable customer service specialist at Genomic Health, please call: 1-866 941-1214.

Download the following PDF resources to help you discuss the Oncotype DX test with your physician:

Physician Discussion
Oncotype DX DCIS Score
Summary for Patients
Onco<em />type</em> DX Patient & Caregivers Brochure (pdf)  Onco<em />type</em> DX Patient & Caregivers Brochure (pdf) 
ODX Patient Brochure
ODX Patient Brochure

Additional ways to connect:

* (specific for patients with invasive breast cancer)


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