Paying for the Oncotype DX Test

All major insurance carriers cover the Oncotype DX test for eligible patients with early-stage invasive breast cancer, including Medicare, Aetna, CIGNA, United Healthcare, Kaiser Permanente, Anthem/WellPoint, Humana, Blue Cross Federal, and many others. Medicare has established coverage for the Oncotype DX test for patients with DCIS (non-invasive) breast cancer, although coverage outside of Medicare will vary by insurance plan.

Genomic Health believes that every eligible woman should have access to the Oncotype DX test. To help you with payment and reimbursement issues, Genomic Health has created a program, called the Genomic Access Program (GAP). GAP is designed for women covered by a U.S. insurance company.  GAP can assist with the following: 

  • Determining if your insurance plan covers the Oncotype DX test
  • Obtaining prior authorization from your insurance company, if required
  • Billing your insurance plan on your behalf, as appropriate
  • Processing the claim once the test is complete
  • Assisting you throughout the appeals process if your claim is denied by your insurance company

To assist patients with gaining access to the Oncotype DX test, Genomic Health also offers uninsured patient assistance, financial assistance for qualified underinsured patients, and payment plans to meet your financial needs. 

For insurance and financial-aid questions, please contact Genomic Health Customer Service: