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Helping Guide Your Early-Stage Breast Cancer Treatment Decisions.

Gail - Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007.

About Early-Stage Breast Cancer Treatment Options

If you have just been diagnosed with pre-invasive (DCIS) or early-stage breast cancer, you may find it challenging to understand exactly what your diagnosis means and what breast cancer treatment options are available to you. You're probably encountering a variety of medical terms and abbreviations that you're not familiar with. And you might find yourself being asked to make breast cancer treatment decisions at a time when you're feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

To help you understand your breast cancer diagnosis and your treatment options, this site offers some basic information about breast cancer and a list of questions to ask your doctor. We discuss information about breast cancer that you and your doctor may wish to consider when determining which breast cancer treatment options are appropriate for you.

We also talk about a diagnostic test that provides added insight into pre-invasive (DCIS) & invasive early-stage, ER+ breast cancer that you and your healthcare team can use, if you are eligible for the Oncotype DX® test from Genomic Health, to assist in making treatment decisions.

Finally, we share breast cancer patient stories from other women who have faced the disease. Also included are helpful links to additional breast cancer resources supporting the needs of women fighting breast cancer.. With these resources at your disposal, we hope to make the journey to finding your course of breast cancer treatment a more confident and informed one.

For information on advanced breast cancer, please visit the third-party Web sites listed below:


BCMets.org: Metastatic Breast Cancer Information And Support


Living Beyond Breast Cancer


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