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Oncotype DX Stories

Lynda N.

Oncotype DX helped her to make a more informed decision about treatment.

After meeting with her oncologist, Lynda opted to learn precisely what her chance of recurrence was.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2007, Lynda was devastated. After an abnormal mammogram, a biopsy confirmed that Lynda had invasive ductal carcinoma of the left breast. She also had a family history of breast cancer; her grandmother had been diagnosed at age 70. Amidst a whirlwind of emotions, Lynda chose to proceed with mastectomy. Even though the final pathology revealed that she had early stage cancer and was node negative, Lynda believed that she should proceed with chemotherapy.

“The word ‘invasive’ made me apprehensive about not doing everything I could do to fight it,” she says.

Lynda enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. Her weekends are packed with family activities, including fishing, trips to the casino and motorcycle rides with her husband, who is a member of a Harley-Davidson® riding club. Even before discussing treatment options with her oncologist, Lynda was ready to accept chemotherapy as a possibility. “I didn’t want to wake up each day wondering if my cancer was going to recur that day. I wanted to be in the game.”

“I had confidence in Exact Sciences and trust in my physician”

But after meeting with her oncologist, who told her about Oncotype DX assay, Lynda opted to learn precisely what her chance of recurrence was. When her Recurrence Score value turned out to be 5, Lynda’s oncologist explained that chemotherapy would have minimal benefit in her case and recommended hormonal therapy. Today, Lynda continues her treatment with hormonal therapy and is doing well. Looking back on her decision, Lynda is so relieved that she was able to go on with her life without the interruptions of chemotherapy. “I had confidence in Exact Sciences and trust in my physician. I had been given this gift,” she says. “I realized that I should go ahead and take it.”

With Oncotype DX helping her to make a more informed decision about treatment, Lynda felt empowered.

“When you hear that you have cancer, you feel out of control,” she says. “But knowledge is power. It gives you control.” In Summer 2009, she and her husband will be riding their motorcycle to participate in the largest motorcycle rally in the US in Sturgis, South Dakota.

“I have a full life,” Lynda says. “I’ve got places to go.”

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Watch: How Lynda's Oncotype DX Recurrence Score impacted her treatment decision.


Name: Lynda N.
Year Diagnosed: 2007
Recurrence Score: 5

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