Learning from Other Cancer Journeys

Explore the stories of real women and men who used the Oncotype DX test to help make their breast cancer treatment decisions. Learn how they handled their diagnosis of either early-stage invasive breast cancer or DCIS (non-invasive) breast cancer, and what considerations they took into account when selecting their course of care. Whether or not they chose aggressive treatment after surgery, including chemotherapy (invasive cancer) or radiation (DCIS), you will find that the Oncotype DX test provided them with the additional information they needed to feel confident that they had made the best treatment decision for them.

Breast Cancer

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    Read profiles of breast cancer survivors and how they used Oncotype DX to help make their treatment decisions. 

  • Breast Cancer Diaries

    Follow the journey of several women with a breast cancer diagnosis as they learned about their disease and pursued their treatment options.

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    Join us in helping educate other women about personalized breast cancer treatment.